Adooka Organics Made in USA clothing

Why we are Made in the USA

We strongly believe that America needs to recapture its manufacturing, so that our children will have jobs and grow up in a prosperous country with ample opportunities.

We are proud to support American workers. Adooka is sewn with care by small shops in Philadelphia owned and run by mother-daughter and aunt-nephew teams. Our patternmaking, fabric printing, cutting, embroidery, and screen printing are all done here in the U.S.A.

Most of our fabrics are organic cotton. This is important, too. Why? We want to keep our earth’s waters sparkling. Supporting organic farming is a great way to keep pesticide runoff from cotton farming out of our planet’s groundwater.

We manufacture close to home because being eco-friendly means more than just using organic fabrics. It means keeping the supply chain local, both to avoid the extra fossil fuel consumption and packaging materials involved in shipping overseas, and to encourage and support green businesses here in the United States and Canada. Most importantly for you, it means creating a high quality product that will last wash after wash.

We conceived Adooka as a brand for parents, grandparents, and friends who want to support their fellow American workers, who are concerned about buying organic cotton and sustainable products, and who want to purchase quality clothing that is beautiful, functional, durable and affordable. We hope you will love our clothes and that your children will wear them again and again! We are always happy to talk and love to hear feedback, so please feel free to contact us any time.