About Adooka Organics children's clothing

About us

Witnessing the joy and discovery of the first years of your child’s life is an experience like no other. A baby forever changes your perspective on life. Concern about my son’s immediate happiness and comfort soon led to thoughts about the kind of world he would grow up in. When I decided to start Adooka, I knew I wanted it to be an eco-friendly company offering products made locally (read here about the people behind our clothes). I saw an opportunity to create new jobs so that our children could (and hopefully will) grow up in a prosperous country with ample opportunities. I also knew, from my experiences as a new mother dressing a four-limbed bundle of energy, that I wanted to incorporate construction details that would make life easier. Finally, I wanted to offer timeless designs capturing all of the charm of our beautiful, quirky, unexpectedly amazing wee sons and daughters.

I launched Adooka in 2009. I also manage a cognitive psychology research laboratory at Ohio State University and am a trained classical singer. I met my friend and business partner, Shannon (a sometimes classical singer, voice teacher, and artist and full-time mom), while studying at Northwestern University. In 2012 Shannon joined me as co-owner, and we opened our web store Two Crows for Joy. We now plan our collections, brainstorm, and troubleshoot across the U.S.-Canadian border after our kids are in bed, while we’re cooking dinner, or whenever the stars align and we are free for an hour at the same time.

We design and manufacture organic cotton baby clothes and gifts, and organic and 100% cotton children’s clothing. Our clothes are proudly Made in USA of either U.S.-made or imported (mostly Canadian-knit) fabric. (Read why we are Made in the USA)

About the name: Adooka came from my son’s first word, for duck — “uh DUCK-uh” — which was the only word he said for weeks, incessantly.

– Anne MacGilvray, owner